why nonprofit & small business?

I believe that what makes communities thrive are those organizations looking to make a difference and the indpendent businesses that serve as the heartbeat of any neighborhood. I've been in love with the nonprofit and small business world for years - having had the pleasure to work and support both in many cities across the country.

Serving these two entities is what makes my job most rewarding. I create a solution for organizations and businesses looking to promote their services/products, engage with their audience, and spread awareness.

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a west coast girl with southern charm

I've always been in love with exploring; discovering new things and approaching old ones with a different perspective. My 11-year career in the nonprofit sector provided the opportunity not only for growth, but for experiences. My work has taken me from East Coast hustle and bustle to Midwest charm to Southern hospitality. But it was Tampa that stole my heart and where I found my passion: working with nonprofits and independent businesses on all things creative.


My goal with kreativtonik is to build authentic and valued relationships with partners in need of a digital marketing strategy. I want to discover and design things for you that are meaningful, amplify your brand, promote your services/needs, and help your business grow.


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professional snapshot

EDUCATION: B.A. in Advertising & Graphic Design  |  Howard University

EXPERIENCE: 11 years in various roles within the nonprofit sector; with a focus on fundraising, event planning, marketing, and digital/print communication.

CREATIVE EXPERTISE: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Light Room, InDesign, Canva Pro, Wix & E-Commerce Designer, Animated Social Posts

CLIENT APPROACH: I intentionally maintain a small client base so that each of my partners is provided the attention and time deserved to reach digital marketing goals.

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